Uninhibited CBD for a peaceful daily life

Hemp, this legal plant cherished for millennia by our ancestors, contains a molecule that acts positively on our body and our internal balance. This molecule is (almost) miraculous since it relieves pain, insomnia, light sleep, stress and anxiety. This is the famous CBD, also known as cannabidiol. Your natural well-being starts here.

CBD, this 8th wonder of the world (yes yes)


Anti stress



Better sleep

Behind Marie-Janine: Alice, delighted!

Well no, Alice, it's all up front since my name is Alice Marie Jeanine. Yes, those are my real first names. Thanks Mom !

I like to believe that there are no small coincidences in life. Marie-Janine was born after a global pandemic, a desire to get better naturally on a daily basis with quality products and a fed-up with the clichés around cannabis.

Le CBD des 

Inspire, exhale

Yes, CBD is legal. Yes, you have the right to be here and even to buy it. It is THC, also called tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychotropic molecule used for recreational use which is prohibited. Each of our products respects the French legal framework and does not exceed 0.3% THC. Some are even without any trace of THC!

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