Faut-il légaliser le cannabis en France ? Les arguments pour et contre.

Should cannabis be legalized in France? The arguments for and against.

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the legalization of cannabis in France and the arguments to respond to your Uncle Roger when he cries scandal.
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Sunday 12:30 p.m. is the time for the traditional family meal where debates are often as heated as they are unfounded.

And that's good, this week Uncle Roger is offended by the latest draft opinion from the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), published on January 23, 2023, which wishes to review the legislation on recreational cannabis.

Should we really legalize cannabis in France ?

Uncle Roger thinks not. However, weed consumption continues to increase in our country which has not yet decriminalized this still illicit substance.

This debate, as old as the usual “pain au chocolat VS chocolatine”, nevertheless has arguments to be heard in the face of an ineffective cannabis repression policy .

Here are the arguments to come up with when everyone asks: why should we decriminalize cannabis ?

Where is the legalization of cannabis in France? State of play.

Let’s cross the i’s, and THC is in the right plants. To the question: is CBD legal or not? The answer is yes ! Otherwise you would be reading this article on a site from the dark web, little rascal.


It is the THC molecule ( tetrahydronnabidiol ) which is prohibited and is found in varieties used for recreational use. CBD (cannabidiol) is used for its well-being and relaxing properties in many products such as cosmetics, food and others.

In short, let's return to the consumption of weed (the one that makes you laugh) and where is the current legislation in France?

In 2023, the CESE is putting its foot down: the policy of repression regarding the consumption and possession of cannabis is not working. She releases a report where the figures are very telling.

Here is an overview of cannabis consumption in 2020 in France:

  • There are around 5 million consumers per year, 1.4 million of whom do it regularly (on average 10 times per month).
  • French consumption is the highest in Europe with between 360 and 500 tonnes of cannabis per year.
  • On the basis of 30 tonnes of weed consumed per month , the monthly expenditure of French men and women is estimated at 3 billion 240 million euros!

And then the cost of the fight against cannabis would be 919 million euros for zero tax revenue since the trafficking is carried out illegally. There are therefore no taxes to pay this astronomical amount.

The CESE's words are clear: “we must move away from repressive measures and move towards decriminalization of use”.

3 arguments in favor of legalizing weed

1. Repression does more harm than good

We cannot ban cannabis, in fact the opposite has happened in recent years. And this, even if there is an ever stronger policy of repression.

We all know someone who smokes regularly or has smoked before. And no need to go into the clichés of the completely stoned weed-smoking chill friend. Trying to ban it only reinforces traffic which is growing at the expense of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

It is important to change policy to focus on prevention of cannabis consumption. Like with alcohol. ****Today no one asks these questions anymore, right?

2. Decriminalization could replenish the coffers

The benefits of American states which have decriminalized the possession of a few grams, the sale and consumption of cannabis are no longer in doubt.

Controlling trafficking would bring billions into state coffers.

Take the example of Illinois, which includes Chicago as a major city:

  • In 2021, legal cannabis sales doubled compared to 2020 to $1.4 billion.
  • This product is heavily taxed by the State: on $1, $0.40 goes into their pockets, which gave them 390 million in tax revenue in 2021. But a quarter of this money went into the program of social justice which is called R3 to provide prevention to the least advantaged classes.

When we see that the estimated monthly budget spent by the French people on cannabis is 3 billion 240 million euros, the benefits could be enormous.


3. Decriminalizing helps create jobs and security

This cash flow would make it possible to put in place necessary actions such as prevention of the use of narcotics, whether for cannabis or hard drugs, and more social justice.

Oh yeah, legalizing cannabis could make it possible to:

  • create new jobs (as is currently the case with CBD);
  • control traffic and secure territories;
  • control the quality of products in circulation;
  • use medical or therapeutic cannabis to treat certain pathologies;
  • free up police and justice resources to handle more important cases;
  • finance a real prevention policy.

And then several studies have shown that the legalization of a product reduces its consumption and demand.

The arguments against.

Ok but I'm sure that Uncle Roger has arguments to contradict you.

He will undoubtedly tell you that the legalization of this drug considered “soft” is the downward slope for the consumption of hard drugs.

You can tell him that Portugal has decriminalized ALL (yes, all) drugs and that there is four times less consumption than in other European countries of all illicit substances in general.

In short, Uncle Roger considers that drugs are bad, in the same way that it is the foreigners who come to France who steal work (yes, he really has nothing going for him Roro). All of this is outdated and completely unfounded.

Bye the rotten and clearly racist arguments.

And above all, it's a little ironic to have this conversation while he's drinking his third drink without thinking that alcohol is also an addictive substance with harmful effects, responsible for 49,000 deaths per year compared to 0 for cannabis.

You understand, this question of legalization is political. And what is illicit or legal depends on one's point of view and the leanings of current politicians. Good and evil, cough cough.

Either way, here's what you need to survive Sundays with your family: