Le thé au CBD : un remède naturel pour les tracas quotidiens

CBD tea: a natural remedy for daily worries

Looking for a CBD tea or hemp herbal tea to soothe anxiety, pain or changing moods? Marie-Janine explains the benefits of CBD in your hot cups.

You don't have to be a silver-haired grandmother to know that plants naturally treat everyday ailments. This is why a CBD tea or hemp herbal tea by the fire on Saturday evening no longer shocks anyone. Except your thirty-something friends who tend to drink beer on the weekends.

In short, CBD wellness has many benefits and virtues for mental and physical health. Whether incorporated into herbal blends, herbal teas or concentrated in oils, cannabidiol can be consumed in many ways.

So when to drink CBD tea ? What are the benefits of CBD herbal tea ?

Read this article to find out everything you need to know and want to put the kettle on.


When to drink CBD herbal tea?

For what needs is hemp tea useful ?

Well, for many things, figure it out!

Are you unable to sleep or are you having insomnia ? Counting sheep is not enough? CBD can help make you fall into the arms of Morpheus. This is also the first reason why the French love CBD herbal teas.

We swap the traditional verbena for something more modern! I promise, even grandma will love it.

But if CBD herbal tea is also popular, it is to reduce stress, anxiety and pain . After sleep, these are the main reasons why some people slip a new plant into their hot drinks.

Also, CBD increases concentration . You probably didn't see that one coming! By controlling your stress level, you will be more focused for an exam or at work.

It’s your boss who will say thank you!

Without addiction, without drowsiness ; you can consume CBD all day long!

When you get out of bed to improve your concentration skills, after your lunch to reduce your anxiety or before going to bed to sleep better, CBD herbal tea will become your best friend.

The benefits of CBD tea

How can a simple CBD herbal tea do this and have many benefits? No magic here, only scientific reasons.

Let's take a look at the main benefits of a CBD tea or herbal tea, namely:

  • better sleep
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • a reduction in inflammatory pain
  • better concentration.
  • a serotonin booster (you know the happy hormone!)

I'll explain CBD to you in Jamy mode, short and without too many long words.

CBD positively influences our endocannabinoid system . It is he who regulates the body so that our body remains balanced and functional, even in moments of hunger, pain or even stress. For example, it regulates our appetite, our body temperature, our heart rate.

The molecules present in CBD compensate for an imbalance by naturally increasing our endocannabinoids (endo = what our own body produces), and create positive effects at different levels:

  • the central nervous system,
  • reproductive organs,
  • immune system,
  • the vascular system,
  • muscles,
  • the metabolism.

CBD, whether consumed in herbal tea, oil or gummies, is therefore a real natural stress reliever since it reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases the production of serotonin.

This is why you sleep better and why CBD is good in general: you feel less anxiety , troubled mood, depressive symptoms , headaches, muscle or inflammatory pain... Its active ingredients are many !

How to prepare our CBD tea?

At Marie-Janine there are several CBD teas with different flavors and all of which have a specific role! To drink with grandma or in front of your computer, mug in hand to work, I'm sure you'll find the one you like the most.

Our entire range is organic , the hemp is of French origin and a little leaf on the cake: all our packaging is fun , modern and colorful. Perfect for giving yourself a real moment to yourself.

  • Our CBD green tea combines verbena and citrus notes for a refreshing hit that soothes! And then it's all good, this recipe is full of antioxidants which will slow down the aging of cells.

  • Our CBD black tea does everything to increase your concentration! A natural energizer with theine, CBD acts positively on your concentration by reducing your anxiety and your stress level.

  • Our theine-free CBD infusion : rooibos ! Combined with ginger, this pepsy-flavored drink relaxes and relaxes you. Perfect for saying hello to Morpheus all night long because there is no theine or caffeine.

To prepare your CBD tea or infusion , simply proceed as usual:

  • You heat your kettle with your liter of water.
  • You let your plants infuse for at least 5 minutes in your cup using a tea ball or a bag so that the aromas diffuse well.
  • Add a fatty substance (oil, vegetable or animal milk, or even honey) so that the effects of CBD are better felt in your body. For what ? Quite simply because the molecules cling better to our receptors thanks to lipids.
  • While you wait for it to cool down a bit, go find your softest blanket to really enjoy the moment.

Enjoy tasting this decoction with delicious flavors!