Le CBD pour soulager l’endométriose et les douleurs menstruelles

CBD to relieve endometriosis and menstrual pain

Find out how CBD can help relieve painful periods linked to endometriosis. A hot water bottle, a CBD herbal tea, change your life with this powerful little molecule.

Every month it's the same thing: you dread the arrival of your period. And when we know that one in ten menstruating people suffer from endometriosis , we see to what extent the menstrual cycle can cause pain, mood disorders and other joys.

If you throw yourself on the hot water bottle and painkillers as soon as your PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) then this article will interest you because you will discover how CBD can relieve endometriosis , hormonal imbalances and your menstrual pain.

I promise, I won't give you a modern-day witch's recipe. Queen Victoria (apparently) used medicinal hemp to ease her painful contractions. A nice little anecdote to tell at your next aperitif with friends.

Here we go ?

Soon these pains will only be a distant memory.

What is endometriosis?

To understand how CBD works on endometriosis , let's go over the basics.

Endometriosis is a disease that affects menstruating people with different symptoms ranging from severe pain to infertility.

This is the result of tissue similar to the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) clinging to the tubes and sometimes other organs outside the uterus. This migration which leads to endometriosis has no medical treatment to date and the origins are still little known. When we know that one in ten women are affected, that raises questions.

How does CBD work on endometriosis?

CBD, a molecule derived from hemp and which also bears the sweet name cannabidiol, acts directly on painful periods , headaches, cramps, painful backs but also mood disorders (PMS) and endometriosis .

*Raises hand way too high*

How ?

Quite simply because this plant has more than 500 cannabinoids, active substances which act on our body which also has its own endocannabinoid system (SEC) with numerous receptors.

Endometriosis is related to an imbalance in these receptors which do not destroy the endometrial cells which therefore develop outside the uterine lining. This natural destruction, called apoptosis , no longer takes place.

CBD in addition to having a pain-relieving effect , and therefore reducing menstrual pain, is anti-inflammatory. This reduces pain related to endometriosis . But that is not its most interesting effect.

Drum roll

Cannabidiol reduces the proliferation of endometriosis cells in the body. Disease progression can therefore be slowed by preventing this cell migration.

And since it acts on our body, it also regulates mood disorders and all the frankly unpleasant things related to periods.

What CBD should you take to relieve endometriosis?

The good thing about CBD is that it can be consumed in many forms: in oil for external use or drops to put under the tongue, in CBD herbal tea, in candies, in ointments, etc.

To best relieve endometriosis, it is recommended to take CBD over several weeks to reduce pain and symptoms. If this is your first time trying and you are unsure about the dosage to take, you can start with CBD herbal teas.

For severe pain related to endometriosis, CBD oil to put directly on the skin or under the tongue is ideal.

But if you want to reduce your menstrual pain and your PMS, then a hot water bottle, a blanket and a herbal tea in the evening throughout your menstrual cycle from the end of your period to ovulation, and I promise you that you will see a difference when the English are going to show up! As with everything, you have to test over the long term to see the dosage that suits you best.

And don't worry, before overdosing and risking anything, you need to consume a hell of a lot of CBD.

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