Notre pack sommeil : le coffret cadeau CBD parfait à offrir !

Our sleep pack: the perfect CBD gift box to offer!

Want to offer an original gift for men or women? Discover our CBD gift box to bring the best gift: good sleep. Want to offer an original gift for men or women? Discover our CBD gift box to bring the best gift: good sleep.

Do you want to give an original gift for a birthday or the end of year celebrations? Look no further, this CBD gift set for sleeping well has come to save the day. Perfect as a gift, it is the first CBD box that exists in a real packaged format.

We pulled out all the stops, or rather the miniatures of our products in the package for this cannabidiol discovery box.

Yes, we don't do things by halves when it comes to making people happy under the tree or at the birthday table. Come on, I'll show you what's hidden in this sleep pack.

The gift box to introduce you to CBD

CBD has been on everyone's lips, or rather tongues if we take our Gummies to relax our pants, in recent years. Between preconceived ideas about THC and the new plant-with-super-cool-benefits-that-everyone-wants-to-try, hemp is the talk of the town!

And whether it's your mother, your cousin or your slightly grumpy grandfather who can't get to sleep because of anxiety, everyday life, stress or insomnia, our CBD gift box is perfect for get started with CBD.

With the three products inside, they will have the choice to start discovering this (almost) miraculous plant as they see fit! It’s a discovery, as they say!

I offer an original gift.

Better Sleep box from Marie Janine wrapped in a red Christmas garland with the lights of a fir tree in the background.

Exclusive CBD products from Marie-Janine, the French Canaqueen

Our Sleep box therefore consists of:

  • of CBD infusions and teas , perfect for being relaxed all day long
  • our gummies to relax the briefs in reduced format
  • of our reishi and CBD extract in miniature format to stop daily stress and sleep better

1 - Our CBD infusions for the herbal tea team

Our CBD sleep box consists of:

  • 3 sachets of rooibos ginger
  • 3 bags of lemon verbena green tea
  • 3 black tea dried strawberries

Enough to vary the pleasures when you are a lover of herbal tea. So you can offer it to grandma, but not only that.

Yes, cannabidiol is a molecule that relaxes you on a daily basis but it allows you to concentrate better and stay focused when it comes to studying.

Is your sister taking her exams soon? Come on, let him discover the benefits of well-being cannabis.

2 - Our gummies to relax in underwear

These anti-stress gummies have it all because they are:

  • sugar-free because replaced by maltitol
  • vegan
  • with a good taste of red fruits

Grandpa has a sweet tooth and a light sleeper?

So he will love this format to chew like a delicious candy. Except that they are good for your health! Thanks to the natural relaxing and anxiolytic effect of CBD , going to bed will become a real pleasure.

3 - Our reishi & CBD extract to meet Morpheus every night

By offering this CBD box as a gift, you will kill two birds with one stone: the people who receive it will discover CBD but also mycotherapy ! Yes, it's the use of the virtues of mushrooms to heal naturally .

Our miniature reishi & CBD extract is therefore perfect for putting a little mycellium in your life (yum). Known for its relaxing, antiviral and immunostimulating properties, reishi combined with CBD is the best combo to treat yourself to QUALITY nights.

A few drops in her herbal tea and in bed!

Sleeping well is a good start, right? Uh, happiness!

I give the best gift: good sleep!

Better sleep box with the two products (CBD gummies and reishi & CBD extract) placed in front of the CBD gift box which also contains CBD herbal teas.