La consommation de cannabis en France n’est pas illégale

Cannabis consumption in France is not illegal

The consumption of cannabis in France is not illegal. It is a psychotrophic molecule, THC, which is. We explain to you what you are allowed to consume or not.

When we think of cannabis consumption , we immediately have the image of a scandalous plant with psychotropic effects where debates for its legalization are heated. Except that cannabis is far from just that. Sit down for two minutes, I'll explain everything to you in this article.

The cannabis plant, from its Latin name cannabis sativa , is the botanical plant which produces both a psychotropic cannabinoid molecule: tetrahydronnabidiol (THC); and a well-being cannabinoid molecule: cannabidiol (CBD). Of course, there are plenty more, but I'll talk about that at another time.

These two molecules are found in different varieties of cannabis in different proportions. This is where all the prohibition and prohibition comes into play.

Is it legal to consume cannabis in France ? Is CBD legal ? How can we distinguish between the two since the plant remains the same? We explain to you what you can and cannot consume.

The cannabis plant is 100% legal

The cannabis plant itself is completely permitted. This is not an illegal product. But again, it all depends on its variety.

It is so-called recreational cannabis with a high THC content which sees its cultivation and consumption prohibited in France. Its legalization is not imminent.

Whether it is recreational cannabis or industrial hemp, they are part of the same family: cannabinaceae. The hops in your beer too for your information! Oh yeah, another useful piece of information to shine on Saturday evening.

Used for recreational purposes , it is illegal to grow, possess or consume cannabis unlike countries like Canada.

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But don't worry, we're not going to come and get you like that if you have hemp or CBD.

Hemp, also called wellness cannabis , has a THC content of less than 0.3%. He is authorized. The differences between hemp and cannabis are notable but mainly come down to the THC content.

THC level: what matters for legislation

This is the essential point of this article! Cannabis and hemp, you understand now, they are actually the same plant.

But usually, we speak of “cannabis” to refer to that which is used for recreational purposes and which has a high level of THC. Hemp or “ well-being cannabis ” refers to CBD and its industrial uses. The differences between hemp and cannabis are numerous.

Yes, the consumption of cannabis in France is authorized if, and only if, the THC content of the final product is less than 0.3%. Because it is THC, a psychotropic molecule, which is illegal in France and having it constitutes a crime.

This does not mean that all varieties of cannabis are prohibited. Only those that contain THC above the legal limit cannot end up in your cigarettes or your Saturday night cakes. Considered a soft drug, this cannabis for recreational use is still very frowned upon by the Minister of Health.

On the other hand, no need to worry, there is an approved catalog of seeds which guarantee you to have a plant with less than 0.3% THC. This is what we use at Marie-Janine for our planting kits.

So that you understand that the crux of the matter is the THC level. Imagine if your batavia salad contained more than 0.3%, your market gardener would not have the right to sell it to you either.

It's the same thing if your toothpaste contains THC. Forbidden to brush your teeth with a narcotic. OK ?

You can see that it is therefore not the consumption of cannabis itself that is prohibited, but rather the recreational use of the psychotropic molecule, tetrahydronnabidiol (THC) , contained in certain varieties.

The consumption of cannabis in the form of CBD is authorized

The consumption of CBD and its marketing in France are very popular despite almost non-existent legal supervision. Since 2018 it's been a bit of a legal no-man's land. A decree was published on December 31, 2021 but it was partially suspended the following month and it is currently being rewritten since then.

So from a legislative point of view, the CBD sector is based on European Union regulations.

How is it possible ?

Quite simply because European legislation takes precedence over French national laws in this situation of uncertainty.

You can therefore buy any product with CBD for your consumption without it being considered a drug or being penalized. The only condition: that it does not exceed 0.3% THC. So ask the seller for the analyses.

And as a reminder, the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that it is a perfectly safe molecule and the anti-doping agency approves its use for athletes. So zero fear, you are not living the thug life.

Phew! You will be able to buy your hemp planting kit or your hemp chocolates with complete peace of mind.

There are many hemp products for:

  • your food consumption like Marie-Janine’s hemp chocolates ;
  • therapeutic use with the relaxing and de-stressing effects found in oils, infusions, capsules, etc.
  • your cosmetics for the skin or hair;
  • your clothes, hemp is a very resistant fiber and much less polluting than cotton cultivation

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