Les dangers liés au CBD : tout ce qu’il faut savoir

The dangers of CBD: everything you need to know

Whether you have already consumed CBD or are looking to take it for the first time, read this article to discover the dangers and risks of this natural substance.
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What are the dangers and risks of consuming CBD ?

Whether you have been consuming cannabidiol for years or are looking for information before taking it for the first time, perhaps you are asking yourself the question. If not, good for you I see that you are very chilled.

In any case, you should know that CBD is not new on the market. Its legalization dates from December 2021 but hemp is a plant that has always been used in textiles, cosmetics but also natural medicine.

If you are hesitant to consume CBD because you are afraid of taking risks, let me reassure you. In this article I explain to you the different dangers that there can be even if it is a safe substance with many properties .


Is CBD a drug?

Let's put our feet firmly in the ground, or rather in the field, CBD is not a drug. It is a natural molecule that comes from hemp and its consumption for well-being is completely legal.

It should not be confused with THC, present in recreational cannabis. It is he who causes changes in the state of consciousness and has euphoric properties. You're high .

CBD, even though it leads to a state of well-being and has many therapeutic properties, does not create addiction or a euphoric state. You will feel goooood but because it is a molecule that relaxes by influencing your body positively.

The risk of CBD overdose

Like any food, one of the main dangers of CBD is overconsumption and therefore toxicity linked to overdose. Otherwise, this molecule presents no danger to the body , whether the liver, the brain or the heart.

To avoid overdose, you simply have to avoid excessive consumption, even if you feel VERY stressed at the moment. Yes Yes.

In all cases, the daily dosage of CBD not to exceed is:

  • 1,500 mg of cannabidiol to avoid overdose
  • 20,000mg to avoid toxicity in your body.

Knowing that the recommended use is 20 mg to 50 mg, you agree that to consume 20 g of CBD, you have to go there.

This overdose, however, has moderate risks. This will impact your digestive system and cause nausea and diarrhea but can also lead to numbness and dizziness.

Not to be reproduced at home.

Addiction linked to CBD

If you take CBD to sleep better, it is probably to replace sleeping pills and the various medications prescribed by the doctor which can create dependence.

For CBD, there is no risk of addiction. The feeling of withdrawal and addiction is linked to THC and not to cannabidiol.

The only thing you need to be careful about when consuming CBD is whether you drive afterwards. It is a molecule that can cause drowsiness and a state of relaxation. This is also why there are many CBD products for better sleep.

CBD, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Very often, pregnant or breastfeeding women must be careful about the foods they ingest during pregnancy but also afterwards. For CBD, there is no established research on the risks in these scenarios.

However, the main danger lies in the way cannabidiol is consumed . If you smoke hemp flowers with tobacco, it is the latter which presents the most harmful and carcinogenic risks in the long term for the child.

Pregnant women can therefore consume CBD which has many properties on certain symptoms linked to pregnancy such as reducing nausea, regulating appetite or even improving the quality of sleep.

The best thing to do is to ask your doctor before taking it, but that doesn't change from usual.

The danger of CBD with medications

From the moment you take medication and want to ingest CBD, you need to pay attention to the interactions that could occur. This does not mean that this plant is considered dangerous for health.

Did you know that grapefruit could also create not-so-nice drug interactions and lead to too much absorption of certain medications? And yet, you happily eat it again at Sunday brunch.

Consuming CBD and medications will not lead to toxic effects, but it may lead to changes in effectiveness and action.

If you take one of the medications in the list below, I advise you to space out the intake with CBD:

  • an oral contraceptive
  • antidepressants
  • painkillers
  • anti-coagulants.

Once again, the doctor will be able to advise you better than me on the side effects.

Consumption of poor quality products

Since 2015, CBD stores have been growing like flowers in spring: everywhere. This is a good thing because it democratizes the consumption of this plant which naturally cures many daily worries.

But for this to be effective and safe, you have to choose your products carefully.

To do this, put on your glasses and look:

  • The origin of the plant : France is the leading grower of hemp in Europe, so we take advantage of it!
  • Traceability and composition : harvesting, manufacturing, packaging...Being able to follow the path of your product is a guarantee of transparency and therefore confidence.
  • If there is the Organic label : bye bye toxic pesticide residues in your moments of well-being.
  • If the company respects ISO standards but also Good Manufacturing Practices and European regulations.
  • The opinions are what will guide you in your choice.

Strictly speaking, consuming a poor quality product does not carry any risks. It's more that you risk spending your money on CBD which will have no beneficial effect on your health.

At Marie-Janine, our herbal teas are composed of organic CBD, perfect for concentrating or falling directly into the arms of Morpheus !

You'll see, it's good stuff for us.