Différences chanvre et cannabis : est-ce vraiment différent ?

Differences between hemp and cannabis: is it really different?

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Cannabis, weed, hemp, CBD; by dint of crossing all these terms you no longer really know where to turn. Like your evening last Saturday night, everything is a little blurry.

Don't panic, in this article we will talk about the differences that exist between cannabis and hemp . And even if they're not quite the same thing, their similarities may surprise you. However, there is no point in running away, you have to take stock.

What are the differences between cannabis and hemp? What is hemp and is it legal? Is hemp a drug ? Marie-Janine answers all your questions (or almost)! 👇🏻

Cannabis: definition

When we talk about recreational cannabis , we immediately have the image of a weed smoker who puffs on his joint on Saturday evening. Clichés die hard, especially after 50 years of prohibition.

Cannabis is above all the Latin term for the plant Cannabis Sativa L. which is part of the Cannabinaceae species, just like hemp. This type of plant is made up of hundreds of molecules (cannabinoids) which cause reactions in our little body, whether it is a psychotropic effect with THC or a relaxing well-being effect with CBD . We then speak of “recreational” cannabis for the psychotropic drug and “well-being” cannabis for the CBD.

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For recreational cannabis, it is mainly the flowers that are used to get high or flavor your cake a little. They have the highest THC content, hence its control.

Hemp or wellness cannabis is composed of CBD and its THC percentage must legally not exceed 0.3%.

What are the differences with hemp?

You're probably starting to see where I'm going with this: cannabis and hemp are not different plants. The species differ somewhat, which influences the CBD or THC content, but that's it. Hemp is not a drug .

You may have the impression that CBD has become hype because its merits are praised everywhere. However, hemp has been used for thousands of years. Yes, long before your grandparents met.

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Pas besoin de THC pour rendre la fĂŞte plus folle .

Industrial hemp was used for:

  • make clothes and make textiles of all kinds;
  • make food products with oils and its seeds to eat;
  • making hemp-based cosmetics;
  • create paper, ropes, etc.

Moreover, France is today the largest European hemp grower with 21,700 hectares recorded in 2022 .

The same plant, different properties

Cannabis and hemp therefore come botanically from the same plant. But the two are not that similar.

Industrial hemp has small heads that are less compact and can grow up to 3 or 4 meters tall.

Recreational cannabis, on the other hand, is bushier, its buds and leaves are larger and wider and it is generally less than 90 centimeters.

The smell between the two is not at all the same either. Recreational cannabis has a very characteristic and quite strong odor ; I know you know. On the other hand, hemp has very little odor. So no need to open the windows wide all day if you adopt one of my planting kits.

Why don't the varieties smell the same?

Quite simply because the molecules linked to odor depend on the THC level. Since hemp contains 0.3%, you understand better why it smells almost nothing.

It is the various varieties that give rise to the differences between hemp and cannabis.

To put it simply: the difference between cannabis and hemp is a bit like comparing the colors of parma pink and fuschia pink. The base remains the same but the shades differ because its composition is slightly different.

Do you want to plant and grow THC-free cannabis aka hemp ? My hemp planting kits are waiting for you!

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On te promet que tu vas ressentir autant de joie Ă  arroser ton plant de chanvre.