Femmes et cannabis : un secteur encore trop masculin

Women and cannabis: a sector that is still too masculine

Women and cannabis have a long history. Between gender stereotypes in consumption habits and the lack of women in the industry, there is still a way to go.

Why in the subconscious is a mom who smokes completely irresponsible when it makes the dad look cool?

In this month of March when the 8th represents the international day of struggle for women's rights , let's talk about women and cannabis ! Because we must make no mistake, this is a sector which remains predominantly male and where gender stereotypes in the consumption of this plant are as numerous as sexist remarks at Sunday meals.

However, women smoke and consume cannabis as much as men. It is our mental images that must change.

In this article we therefore talk about two things:

  • differences in weed consumption between women and men
  • the issues linked to the fact that the cannabis industry is still so male-dominated.

Ready? Let's go !

Let’s put our feet in the dish (or in the pot) right away.

Gender stereotypes in cannabis consumption

What's cool (no) is that gender stereotypes follow us everywhere, even in the reasons why women use cannabis. Don't imagine a completely stoned girl with dreads, even though I know, prejudices related to cannabis die hard.

In short, women who consume cannabis (in smokes, gummies, CBD or others) do so in a gendered way. I'll explain. (And yeah, CBD is legal in France .)

Reduce your anxiety

If you know our CBD Rooibos , you know that it has a natural anxiolytic action thanks to the stress-relieving molecules present in cannabidiol. Perfect for relaxing before going to find Morpheus.

And this is one of the key uses of CBD by women: succeeding in relaxing, sleeping better or even managing moments of intense anxiety.

Stress naturally higher in women than in guys? No no, just the result of a society that educates them to always think of others (the mental load you know).

And also, it's tiring and stressful to have to make meals every Sunday in front of Uncle Roger who spouts nonsense.

Reduce period-related problems with CBD

All menstruating people favor wellness cannabis (aka CBD) to manage period-related problems.

At the same time, when we know that cannabis greatly helps:

  • relieve pain related to periods or endometriosis
  • reduce depression, mood swings and chest tenderness caused by premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • deal with the hormonal changes associated with menopause.

What helps to cope with all this is the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It helps maintain the balance of other physiological systems , particularly the reproductive system.

Don't panic, you don't need to be like this one week a month to get better.

Generally speaking, women and gender minorities will consume cannabis with a view to well-being for a better lifestyle rather than recreationally.

Cannabis: a predominantly male sector

Cannabis, in addition to facing many stereotypes, remains a predominantly male sector. As usual, as soon as there is money to be made, you will tell me.

In France, there are few studies on the subject because recreational cannabis is not legalized, but among our friends in Canada, we see a lot of writings that talk about women who set up cannabis businesses for women. And it's a good thing.

Changing representations means opening awareness and moving the lines in terms of equality.

For example, among American cannabis companies, 8% are led by women. It may not seem like much, but when you know that only 4.8% of the 500 largest companies in the world have women at their head. It's as few as the number of times your crush texts you back at 3 a.m.

More women creating businesses in wellness cannabis, or recreational cannabis for countries that authorize it, is shaking up stereotypes and calling into question laws and standards.

Because in America, it sometimes happened that social services took away the children of mothers who worked in the field while they did absolutely not act in the same way for the fathers.

Reefer = weed.

Marie Janine's ambition in the field of cannabis in France

With an uninhibited and confident feminine universe, Marie Janine intends to change mentalities around this plant and establish herself as a reference in a new way of consuming cannabis and CBD. Yeah, just that! You have to dream big, as they say.

Educating, destigmatizing and offering quality, meaningful products around hemp is what motivates me every morning when I wake up. But it’s also thanks to my CBD black tea, a natural energizer! The base.

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