Le CBD à Noël pour des fêtes sans stress

CBD at Christmas for stress-free celebrations

Do you (still) feel like you're giving the same gifts? Here is my selection of original CBD gifts for a stress-free Christmas but with surprises! All without breaking the bank and with quality French gifts.
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Mariah Carey sings loudly in the stores and every morning you meticulously open your advent calendar. No doubt, it's almost Christmas!

Like every year, you want to find THE perfect Christmas gift .

The one that always pleases while being original, French and not (too) expensive. In short, the gift that will not end up on Leboncoin or Market Place on December 27 and which will not ruin you in these difficult times.

Too good to be true ?


Here is my selection of CBD gifts to put under the tree for stress-free holidays.

Neither for you, nor for the person who will taste his well-being hemp for that matter.

Christmas CBD: an original and French gift

Buying CBD for Christmas from Marie Janine means making the choice:

  • a French and ecological gift : it's up to you to plant your own regulated and legal seeds .
  • a solidarity gift : you support a French entrepreneur to develop her business!
  • a quality gift : all ranges are certified organic (and good).
  • an original gift that creates a surprise: film grandma's face when she opens her CBD tea and you explain to her what it is, I'm sure it will be memorable.
  • a low-cost gift : you can give CBD at Christmas from €5.95; cheaper than your Friday night pint.

In short, you will have understood, making CBD gifts at the end of the year means fulfilling your role as Santa Claus perfectly. Oh oh oh !

Offer CBD gifts for the whole family

But then, which CBD to choose for whom?

Whether you are looking for a gift for your slightly jaded big brother **,** a gift for your father who “needs nothing”, or for your mother-in-law who only buys you soaps, here is what that I offer you in my Mother CBD hood!

The planting kit for the big brother with a green thumb

Does your brother have a green thumb?

So the hemp planting kit is perfect for an original and fun gift. Don't worry, you won't encourage him to grow illicit substances. Hemp is not the same thing as cannabis aka marijuana.

In this kit, you will find regulated hemp seeds where THC (the nasty banned molecule) does not exceed 0.3%.

The hemp seed chocolate bar for gourmet and adventurous grandpa

Is your family more part of the gourmet team?

So hemp seed chocolate bars remain the perfect gift to combine taste buds and super food.

Yes, the hemp seed, even if it is caramelized in the milk chocolate bar , contains a lot of proteins and essential fatty acids.

Perfect for grandpa who is a real foodie and loves slightly offbeat gifts !

A CBD tea for stressed mother-in-law

No more need to offer oils with relaxing scents to a slightly anxious mother-in-law.

Whether she loves green tea, black tea or rooibos, at Marie Janine they all come in a CBD version! Enough to warm the body and soothe the head.

And so that relaxation rhymes with pleasure, the different CBD teas all have subtle tastes:

  • CBD black tea mixes dried strawberry and marigold flowers;
  • CBD green tea combines verbena and lemongrass for a pronounced citrus taste;
  • rooibos CBD combined with ginger gives you an infusion without theine but with a good boost of pep without anxiety.

All its flavors are also available in 50 g sachets! Perfect for mother-in-law who will then want to refill her box of CBD tea.

And if not, it’s Christmas before time for you!

I'm offering you 20% off the entire shop to make super original CBD gifts for Christmas. To do this, enter the code HIGHWANTCHRISTMAS when you place your order.

Merry Christmas with a completely hemped Christmas!