Le CBD, c’est quoi & comment agit-il ?

What is CBD & how does it work?

A super star molecule of recent years, I'll explain where it comes from and how it works. Acronym for CannaBiDiol, CBD is a molecule derived from the cannabis plant. It is part of the same family known as “cannabinoids” as the famous THC, which we know is renowned for its “high” effects. Same family, not the same functions.

Like its cousin, CBD has no direct action on the brain and does not modify our state of consciousness, perception or mood. And that's THE WHOLE DIFFERENCE.

THC, by acting directly on our dopamine level, is considered psychotropic and therefore illegal. A contrario, CBD is recognized by the largest authorities (the World Health Organization, World Anti-Doping Agency) as being “neither doping nor narcotic”.

Why does it match so well with our body? Surely you know that we have a nervous system and an immune system? More recently (in 88) it was discovered, the SEC (Endo Cannabinoid System) which would even be the healthy boss of our immune, digestive or nervous system.

What role does the endocannabinoid system play in our body?

It is at the origin of its proper functioning, its balance, in short, our good health. To be more concrete, it reacts to external conditions and regulates, for example, the temperature of our body, our appetite, our pain or even our moods. A system of which all the ins and outs have not yet been discovered because it is so complex.

Our body therefore produces its own cannabinoids called “endocannabinoids” ( endo = originating in our body) and taking a phytocannabinoid ( phyto = plant) simply increases the natural level of these molecules which are so precious to our proper functioning.

With age, chronic illnesses and individual characteristics, our natural production of cannabinoids can be reduced. Taking CBD literally gives your body a boost. Note that all mammals function in the same way, so taking CBD is also relevant for your four-legged pet.