The story of Marie-Janine, the French Canaqueen

Hi it's Alice, the cannabis girl! Yes, here we are not afraid of words.

Wait, don't leave yet, it's not what you think! I can explain everything to you.

With Marie-Janine, I aim to take the hassle out of cannabis consumption but without all the clichés you may have in mind.

Because I'm not talking to you about recreational cannabis, the one that contains THC - the famous molecule banned in France which causes you to get high. I'm simply talking to you about the plant from which cannabidiol is extracted and which has rightly become the star of recent years!

Hemp and wellness cannabis are actually the same plant. Yes, yes, I promise.

Once upon a time, Marie-Janine…

With a first name like that, I like to believe that I was predestined to evolve in this sector. Yes, being called Alice Marie-Jeanine cannot be improvised.

The first seed was planted in 2018 when I worked with my family in the hemp industry. With the arrival of Covid in 2020 I decided to embark on a crazy entrepreneurial adventure and create Marie-Janine.

My ambition ?

Sell ​​quality CBD products, which really do good and which are far from the stereotypes of the sector. Because we're not going to lie, if you're new to this industry, the complicated terms and masculine worlds can quickly cool you down.

I promise, at Marie-Janine you are in good hands and we have good plans for you.

A beautiful plant, but not only that.

Hemp is featured in all our products, but without ever forgetting the company's founding values.

Transparency as a guarantee of quality

All products containing the raw form of hemp (smoking flowers, infusions, hemp seeds, etc.) are certified organic with French hemp. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

As for products incorporating CBD in their formulation, they are entirely manufactured in France with partners specialized in their field. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

Our chocolates are ECOCERT certified with fair trade cocoa labeled Fairtrade. While you enjoy good chocolate, the producer benefits from fair value remuneration.

Under each of our products there is a link if you want to read the precise analyses.

An uninhibited relationship to do good

Stress and anxiety can really eat up your life. And let's not even talk about the drugs proposed to remedy it. It is for this reason that I am convinced that wellness cannabis is one of the most interesting alternative solutions for relaxation. Once again, I'm not talking about the recreational version but about hemp and CBD which have a strong anti-stress power.

The audacity to break away from stereotypes

Assertive, frank, funky. This is what I hope Marie-Janine embodies. Because there's nothing worse than feeling out of place. No fuss or too much seriousness, it's a chill, counter-evening atmosphere here.

Women's and fun business at the forefront

Entrepreneurship is far from being a long, quiet river. Even more so when you operate in the world of hemp and CBD. And when you're a woman with strong convictions on the issue, I won't even talk to you about it. Buying from Marie-Janine means supporting initiatives that want to do things differently and that speak loud and clear about this desire to change the codes.

Cannabis, hemp, CBD: explain everything French Canaqueen to me!

I reassure you right away: yes, CBD is legal!

It's THC that isn't. Current European regulations authorize the sale of cannabidiol products as long as the THC dose does not exceed 0.3%. At Marie-Janine, some of our products even contain 0%!

Cannabis: it's not what you think

If there is one area where prejudices die hard, it is this one. Cannabis is not just the one you smoke with psychotropic effects. This plant with the small Latin name of cannabis sativa L. is wonderful in that it produces two cannabinoid molecules with contradictory effects: tetrahydronnabidiol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

This plant comes in many varieties, each of which has a different percentage of the two molecules in question.

Hemp: the name that does not scare

Hemp is simply a synonym for cannabis since it is the same plant! Eh yes. This is because in everyday language a distinction has been made: cannabis refers to the recreational version and hemp to the wellness version. But this plant has been adored for millennia by our ancestors who used it to weave clothes, create ropes and for its various virtues. It is more common to use this word to talk about CBD than cannabis which would make the crowds (almost tremble).

CBD: the (almost) miraculous molecule

CBD is a cannabinoid molecule present in hemp. It has no psychotropic effect but is still very good at relaxing you on a daily basis. If we love it so much in recent years it is because it is used for many reasons: pain relief, reduction of stress and anxiety, improvement of sleep, support for mental health by relieving depressive symptoms. The list is long !

I promise, CBD will become your best everyday friend.