Dark chocolate with hemp seeds
Dark chocolate with hemp seeds
Dark chocolate with hemp seeds

Dark chocolate with hemp seeds

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A crunchy, chewable 71% dark chocolate bar.

A dark chocolate with fleur de sel full of surprises! It's crunchy, it's crunchy, it's good for the heart and the body. The icing on the cake, or rather hemp seeds on cocoa, this dark chocolate bar melts deliciously in the mouth. Even coffee shop purists will love it.

  • 0% THC and CBD
  • Tablet rich in proteins and essential fatty acids.
  • Deep and creamy dark chocolate enhanced by a touch of salt.

Taille:Chocolat noir aux graines de chanvre

Shipping within 48 hours: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal.

Dark chocolate has been known since the dawn of time for its many positive effects. Coupled with hemp seeds, your appetite and your health will be happy.

- Improved mood thanks to the production of serotonin (the happy hormone!)
- Anti-oxidant properties of cocoa and hemp seeds.
- Care for vascular health thanks to essential fatty acids.

Tasting advice

Marie-Janine advises you to eat this dark chocolate with fleur de sel and hemp seeds as part of a balanced diet.

Hemp seeds are neither addictive nor side effects. There is no risk in eating it regularly.

For your personal culture

Hemp seed is a superfood! Did you know that it contains more protein than meat and eggs? It is also rich in essential fatty acids, fiber and vitamins. But it’s really its little nutty taste that makes it irresistible.

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Customers' opinion

Superb store, package received quickly 🥰

Dominique G.


Dark chocolate

No, CBD is present in hemp flowers. Here, it's the seeds inside the plant that make this dark chocolate so crunchy.

No way. Hemp seeds do not cause any psychotrophic effects. They should not be confused with THC, the molecule present in recreational cannabis.


Who doesn't relax by eating a nice square of melting chocolate? To relax and de-stress, you should focus on CBD. This dark chocolate bar with hemp seeds does not contain any, but the dark chocolate & raspberry does!

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