CBD Extract - Dreamlike
CBD Extract - Dreamlike
CBD Extract - Dreamlike

CBD Extract - Dreamlike

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Your dream of a good night's sleep will come true with our Onirique mother tincture with CBD and reishi. A few drops in your evening infusion and you no longer need to count sheep to relax and finally fall asleep.

  • 0% THC.
  • 1500 mg of full spectrum CBD.
  • CBD & reishi combo for a real anti-stress effect.
  • 45 day cure. Easy to take and neutral taste.
  • Mother tincture for high absorption of elements.

Format: 20 ml bottle


Shipping within 48 hours: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal.

The benefits of CBD and reishi present in this Dreamlike extract are numerous:

- a reduction in stress and anxiety to avoid insomnia.
- an improvement in the quality of sleep.
- an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce pain.

Combining CBD with reishi is a guarantee of a good night's sleep.

using advice

We advise you to take a 45-day treatment to feel all the beneficial effects on your sleep.

It could not be easier. All you have to do is put in your evening infusion the number of drops indicated on the back of the bottle according to your weight.

For your personal culture

Reishi is one of the favorite mushrooms of mycotherapy. Used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, reishi is called “the mushroom of immortality”. It sets the mood.

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Customers' opinion

Superb store, package received quickly 🥰

Dominique G.



We advise you to take your drops in the evening. The best thing is to consume them an hour before going to bed so that your body has time to relax.

Onirique is designed to be used as a 45-day treatment to feel the maximum benefits on your sleep. We advise you not to exceed 70mg of CBD per day. If you are taking medical treatment, seek advice from your doctor in advance.

It's like the gym, you feel better from the first session but it's the long-term regularity that really anchors the effects.

This mother tincture is designed to have a neutral taste! Unlike CBD oils that can be found on the market, it is neither bitter nor strong in taste. The reishi will therefore have no flavor.

If Marie-Janine chose a mother tincture to extract the benefits of CBD and reishi rather than an oil, it is because it is a process which allows for a high concentration of the virtues of the plants. . It is the assembly of plants on an alcohol base rather than oil. Recognized in naturopathy, this type of formulation allows high absorption of benefits by the body.


No not at all. It is THC, the psychotropic molecule present in recreational cannabis, that gets you high. All Marie-Janine products meet current French legislation and contain less than 0.3% THC. This Dreamlike extract even contains 0%!

No way ! Unlike sleeping pills or the various medications available in pharmacies, this Dreamlike extract has no side effects and does not cause drowsiness. CBD and reishi will act positively on your circadian rhythm aka your biological rhythm. It is he who regulates many behaviors over 24 hours such as your sleep and your moments of wakefulness, your body temperature, your attention and your memory...

It is still not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children.